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Activ Web Design Beverley

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How ACTIV web design Work

The Fact Finding - Stage 1

First we like to meet you and find out as much as we can about you, your company and what your ideas are.

We prefer to meet in person but if that is not possible we can arrange an online face-to-face meeting with you, either way we will arrange a time and place which is best for you.

We will discuss which package will best fits your goals and plans. At this stage we will ask lots of questions but don't worry if you don't have the answers we can help you find all you need to start your project.

Things to think about are:

  • How many pages will you need?
  • What will those pages be?
  • Which images would you like on the site?
  • What colours would you like? (normally determined by your logo)

You will need to start thinking about content and the phrases that your customers are likely to use to search for your services, again we are here to help with these things. Compare our different packages here

Start with a design meeting

we hand the design to our developers

Design & Development - Stage 2

Next we hand the design over to design and development, here we take your ideas and bring them to life. This is the stage where you will do a lot of the work, you will need to provide us with images and content but again our staff are here to help if you get stuck.

Once we have the basic site we will contact you and arrange a preview, from there we can make further changes to the design.

At this stage it is really easy to make any design or content changes, we will send you a link to your new website (it won't be live yet) so you can look at the website in your own time and then let us know of any changes you want.

We will also connect your site to any social media accounts you have, if you want we can even show your latest "Tweets", Facebook posts or Instagram pictures the choice is yours.

The Testing and Tweaking - Stage 3

We then test your website on all devices, your site has to not only look good but be easily navigated and browsed on different devices and screen sizes. Its at this stage we make any final adjustments to the website.

We optimise each page making sure that the search engines can "crawl" the site and collect all of the information they need.

Once we are both agreed that the site is complete, we will connect the website to your domain name, setup the email addresses, then submit your new website to the major search engines. We will also arrange a training session with you if you have chosen to update the site yourself

We are always on hand to help or answer any questions you may have about your new website.

we test on all devices

Only when you are 100% happy do we deliver the website