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Why your business still needs a website in 2019

By Activ Web Design
Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why your business needs a website in 2019

Websites are powerful. You don’t need a website only if you aren’t interested in taking your brand to the next level. Your business needs a website not just to sell your products/services – a website is a great way to provide value to your prospective customers.

Building a website is easy these days and it’s economical too. At Activ Web Design, we build professional websites that help deliver the results you desire. In this post, we look at 5 reasons why your business needs a website.

Customers expect you to have a website

This reason is enough to convince you to invest in a website. About 60% of customers expect businesses to have an online presence in some form or another, and more than 50% visit a company’s website for information about their products/services. If you do not have a website, you are losing prospective customers.

Your competitors have websites

Your loss is someone else’s gain. In this case your competition. So if prospective customers can’t find you, they are going to go to your competitors.

The typical purchase journey of a customer begins with online research of some form. Studies suggest that once a customer knows what they want/need, they begin their research. Around 72% of those customers rely on the Internet to read reviews, information and testimonials.

If you don’t invest in a website, you are essentially sending business to your competitors.

You can be found in Google search

About 81% of customers search online before they make a purchase.

This means that they use Google (or any other search engine) and use keywords such as “Web Design Agency Beverley” to find what they are looking for.

Without a website, the chances are your business will not show up in a Google search. By having a website and optimising it for SEO, you improve your chances of getting found on Google search and getting traffic (and business) to your website.

Showcase your work

A website is a great way to display your products or highlight your services. You can make things highly interactive by including short videos, beautiful pictures and downloadable instructions to hold your visitors’ interest and increase the chances of converting them into customers/leads.

Control your message

You can’t really control what people say about your business on social media platforms. However, you can control the way public perceive your business by providing your own story through your website.

A business blog helps you to get your message, vision and personality to your target audience much quicker than traditional media.

Need a mobile friendly website for your business?

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