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Why do I need a website when I have a Facebook page?

By Activ Web Design
Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Why do I need a website when I have a Facebook page?

1. Design

With Facebook the only images you can change are the logo and cover picture and even these have fixed dimensions which can change. As a result your Facebook page looks the same as the millions of other businesses who have a Facebook page. It is really difficult to make your business stand out from your competition.

2. Content

When customers go to your Facebook page they can't see the products you offer or the services you provide, you can't showcase your skills, why you are different or explain why people should deal with you.

3. Search Engine Ranking

Facebook gives you no control over SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) therefore you are unable to optimise it for the search engines. With your own website you have full control over content, keywords and phrases and as a result websites generally perform a lot better in Google than Facebook pages do.

4. Audience

Only potential customers who use Facebook will find you, you will miss out on the millions of people who do not use Facebook.

5. Competitor Advertising

You have absolutely no control over whose adverts appear on your Facebook page. It is more than likely that one or more of your competitors are advertising on Facebook that their advert appears on your business page. Our websites do not show adverts so there is no risk of a competitor taking away your customers.

Does My Business Need A Website?

If you dont already have a website for your business then it’s something you need to seriously think about. In today’s marketplace, advertising in the "Colour Pages" or the local paper just isn’t enough. If a customer wants to find a business they will more often than not open a browser on their PC/Mac, mobile phone or tablet and search for the business type that they require. Without a website, these potential customers will not find your business and will instead take their custom to your competitors who have got websites. Having a presence on the web enables you to attract new customers and stay connected with your existing customers.

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