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Legalo helping make GDPR Compliance a little bit easier

By Legalo & Activ Web Design
Friday, March 23, 2018

Legalo Legal Templates and Guides

Legalo helping make GDPR Compliance a little bit easier


Do you know how to operate a website in the UK legally? Did you even know that there are laws and Legalo and Activ regulations that govern what you should and shouldn’t be doing when you trade online?

When you set up a new website, it’s essential that along with the relevant pages, menus, images, and shopping cart functions, you also cover your legal responsibilities. When you visit a site, and you see the cookies notification, this is an example, as is that box that you tick at check-out to acknowledge that you have read the terms of use.

Whilst we might take these acts for granted when we are visiting someone else’s site, when it’s our own site in the making, it becomes a little more concerning. You could spend hours researching legal firms to write the relevant add-ons for you. However, this is a very laborious (and costly) way of doing something when we’ve teamed up with Legalo ( to take the hard work out of the process.

For all of our customers, they are offering free legal templates, which cover every aspect of being legal when it comes to your website. That means free privacy policies, free cookies policies, free terms of use, and free email disclaimers. You simply edit them to suit your business, and relax, knowing you’re on the right side of the law.

If you’d like to find out more, so that you’re certain you’re crossing your Legal T’s, and dotting your Legal I’s, then have a read of this comprehensive guide by Legalo.


The GDPR is coming

What’s more, the privacy policy template is GDPR compliant - ready for the new laws on data protection that come into force on 25th May 2018. For more on GDPR see Legalo’s guide. Everyone will need to update their website’s privacy policy to comply with GDPR.


Existing Activ Customers

Note:If you are already a customer of ours and would like to take up this fantastic FREE offer contact us and we will supply and install and link the documents to your website free of charge

Legalo Documents we can provide Free to our customers:

  • privacy policy (this includes a cookies policy) - GDPR compliant
  • website terms of use (this includes an acceptable use policy)
  • email disclaimer

A comprehensive range of legal templates and guides can be found at

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