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IMPORTANT - GDPR and your business website.

By Activ Web Design
Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Actv Web Design - GDPR

GDPR - And Your Website.


As a business you will be aware that on the 25th May 2018 the new GDPR regulations will become law and replace the old Data Protection Act 1998. Your website is only a small part of the measures your business needs to take to become compliant, however, there may be changes that you need to make to your website. If you own a website that has a contact form you are a "Data Controller" as defined by the act it will be your responsibility to make sure you are fully GDPR compliant. Here are some of the most common reasons your website might fail the GDPR test come May 2018 all websites are unique so there may be other areas you need to look at:

1. You’re not obtaining the right consent
Under the GDPR, you need to obtain explicit consent from people when requesting their personal data (Name, Phone, Email etc.). You will need to explain what you intend to do with their data and ask for permission to use it .

2. You’re using 3rd party plugins that aren’t compliant
Some websites have integrated 3rd party tools (online chat windows etc.) you need to get a compliance statement from the supplier of the tool.

3. You’re not encrypted
That little padlock you increasingly see within the web address bar of your browser will become more important than ever next year. If your website doesn’t use industry-standard SSL encryption, you’re at risk of non-compliance. If your website is not SSL secure it is recommended that your contact form should be removed.

4. You do not have a Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions
You will also need to update your privacy policy and terms and conditions on your website to reference GDPR terminology. In particular, you will need to make it transparent what you will do with the information once you’ve received it, and how long you will retain this information both on your website and also by your office systems.

5. You do not have a cookie warning and policy
Your website will need a cookie warning banner and a cookie policy showing a description and the purpose of the cookies on your website.

Note: All websites are different and there may be more changes you need to make depending on your website and business.

We have a document we have created which breaks down the areas of your website which you may need to look at/change, if you would like a copy please email me at the email address below with a subject of "GDPR List".If you would like any help or advice, please contact us at:

Tel: 01482 861875
or simply complete the form below.

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