Below are some of our most frequently asked questions, if you have a question that isn’t listed please call us on 0800 246 1209 (freephone) or contact us here 

We will try to answer your query as quickly and fully as possible.

Yes, however, should you need it we will help and guide you in the structure and content required for your website.

You will need to provide us with the text, images, and any related marketing material and documents necessary. We will optimise your content for search engines.

We will also advise in the use of stock photo images if you don’t have the images you need. Ultimately, you are responsible for the content of your website and will have the final say.

Absolutely, all of our websites are upgradeable, we even add bespoke items if you need something which doesn’t come as standard.

We can add additional pages, galleries, case studies etc. in fact almost anything you can think of. You will also benefit from our ongoing support and maintenance included with your website.

Only for the first 12 months (this is included in the cost of the website), after that you can terminate your website at any stage with 30 days notice.

We will contact you each year to collect your renewal payment that is the best time to let us if you no longer wish to keep the website and we will remove the website and any associated emails.

If we administer your domain name for you, we can transfer it to another designer there will be a small admin fee to do this.

A full content management system is included as standard with our websites.

Together with our support and maintenance, many clients find this the ideal combination. However, if you would like to edit or add pages to your website (often useful for clubs, charities and other member organisations), then we can provide a full content management system training. Please contact us for details.

It can take between 24 and 48 hours for your website to appear across the internet, we will let you know when this has happened and provide details to access your emails if we are providing this service.

We will also register your website with search engines in order to prompt them to index your website, in theory, it can take a few weeks for Google to index your site but typically it is quicker.

Until you have been indexed, your site will not appear in search results. Your ranking for different search terms will improve over time but is of course dependent on competition for similar websites in your sector.

All our website packages include our support and maintenance service.

This includes support by email and phone in the use of your website and related technical support. We will also provide minor updates and changes to your website; most small tasks will be included e.g. add a testimonial, add an image etc.

New features, extra pages or work involving the redesign of the website is not included and will be charged for. We will always tell you when charges will be applicable and can provide a quote for work on request.

You will also receive emails from us offering further advice to support you in developing your website as a key marketing tool for your business. All websites also include an initial training session to get you familiar with updating and running your new website.

All of our sites are optimised for search engines, we use code that is friendly to search engines which means it is easy to read and index.

We will discuss your key marketing terms which you expect people to use when searching for your products and services. The website will then be built bottom up based on those terms, this gives you the best chance of being found for these terms on Google and other search engines.

Remember you are open to competition and so exact positions in search engine results cannot be guaranteed.

Good ranking results also depend on how much additional promotion of your business and website takes place online (directories, indexes, forums, social media etc.).

We also provide a paid SEO services for clients who wish to further improve their ranking for search terms related to their business. Please ask if you would like further details.

Our website packages provide everything that most small businesses need for a professional website; saving you time, costs and helping to generate business – We also offer a number of enhanced marketing options to deal with specific client requirements.

In addition, we also have a bespoke development team that can add or adapt functionality based on your requirements, don’t feel you are limited by our standard packages as we have the resources to develop complete flexibility, It also means that our clients can be assured that we can continue to support them as their business grows and their requirements adapt over time.

Yes, all of our websites are fully responsive and will work perfectly well on mobile phones, tablets, PC’s and other devices.

See below, these are just a few of the integrations we have done, if what you need isn’t shown let us know.

WordPress websites

In the event that at some point in the future you wish to no longer use Activ for your website and marketing requirements, you are fully entitled to take with you all of the files that make up your website.

Activ will provide you with an entire backup of your site along with its database Note: Your new web designer will need to make sure they add any plugins that have been used to make your site function.

Backups are created in various formats by different backup methods, and our backup method may change over time, however you can rest assured that whenever you receive a backup of your site, we will inform you as to what software is required to restore that backup onto a new server. It will of course be up to you, or your new provider to actually carry out that restore.

It is also important to understand that there may also be paid, or ‘professional’ plugins used in your website to create looks or functionalities therein. You, or your new provider may need to purchase new licenses to ensure that those plugins work, and that all of the functionality is the same with your site at its new home.

In addition, Activ may use proprietary, or private plugins to create certain features or functionalities on your website, which would not be able to be migrated to a new provider. The new provider would then need to find an alternative solution to recreate these functionalities or features in their own environment.

Bespoke non WordPress websites

Will supply all of the html code for the pages of your website.

Please Note: There will be a fee for this service.

Just A Few Of The Apps We Can Work With



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