Like many businesses currently I am in lockdown and finding running a business a challenge, you cannot believe the number of things I wish I had brought from the office.

The current COVID-19 crisis has closed our schools, our leisure activities and our businesses, we can’t physically meet anyone not even our family and friends.

However, the lockdown will eventually end and for those businesses that are prepared they will continue and hopefully thrive.

Like many business owners I have seen some customers close their businesses completely within days of the lockdown and during this enforced isolation are doing nothing to either keep the business ticking over or preparing for the future, they are losing all contact with their employees and customers.

Forward-looking business owners will use this time to prepare for the future and be ahead of their competitors.

If you intend to be in business when this crisis ends then remember your suppliers probably don’t have a queue of orders at the moment whereas once we are all let loose again there will be a mad rush for new products, printed materials, designers, new staff, in fact the lead times you quoted before the crisis to your customers will not be possible for some time after, if you place your orders now you will be in front of the queue, and these suppliers will remember your loyalty.

What can you do for your business?

Never before have you had this time on your hands, take a look at your product range or services is there anything you can do to improve what you offer (is there anything you can sell or offer now which doesn’t involve face-to-face meetings), look at your brand and marketing no one knows your business better than you.

How often in the past have you had as much free time as you have now, be proactive use this time to add some value to your business even if it is just adding or improving your processes or automation.

Focus on your marketing strategy now is a great time for leveraging the power of social media the audience numbers are unprecedented, how often are we given a captive audience Prepare now for trade shows, advertising and conferences make sure you have business cards, flyers and brochures ready and don’t forget the novelty give-aways, these events may not be happening now, but they will return.

In-short “Think Positive” or as the Scouts say “Be Prepared”