The current crisis is not a holiday, it is the time when you should be adding value to your business, just remember how many times you have thought “if only I had the time to…”. This will end, no one knows when but when it does it will be as much of a shock and as immediate as the first day of lockdown was to some people, you must stay visible to your customers and prospects.

Last week I received an email from a local wedding venue who are using this time to make sure that their customers and prospects are aware that they are available for calls and online meetings even though they are working from home.

What they are doing in fact is keeping their business alive and in front of their audience, they know that their customers are online, on social media and most of them are still planning for when this is all over.

Future Promotions

There is nothing to stop you planning events and promotions for when this is over, ok you probably can’t set dates but you can prepare the content, the promotional materials and logistics, in fact if your events or promotions are online you should be doing this now.

If your business sells gift cards for your products or services now is a great time to sell them (don’t forget to make sure the expiry date is ok), you get the money in the bank now and you get the returning customers once you reopen.

Online courses, there has never been a better time for online courses, you have more people online and using social media than ever, why not run a “free taster event”.

Email marketing, its amazing how many promotional emails I am reading these days rather than just dropping in the trash folder, this has always been a good route to customers and prospects but currently its one of the few that is available to you.

Digital strategy, now is the time for content creation, plan future posts & content, create a posting calendar (we have a FREE one available just drop us an EMAIL ) for when and where you will be seen.

Review Your Business

Take a long hard look at your brand image, this is sometimes a “wood for the trees” part of the business whilst order books are full. How can you improve the way people see (and judge) your business? Are there any processes you can improve and automate so that once the customers return you can focus on the important things.

A Final Word

It is also worth noting that if every social media post you do is selling your business, people will simply become bored and stop taking notice. Start posting pictures of what you are doing and how you are doing it, offer free advice, join in online conversations and engage.

Most of all stay busy, add something of value to your business every day and most of all stay positive.

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