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NEW! Sketch-to-Live-Action Videos

From £110 for a 45 sec video
(click to view larger/more examples)

  • You supply the "Live" video (we do the rest).
  • Same features as Animations (see below).
  • Sound can be from your video.
  • Longer time-frames than 45 seconds available.
  • Video, voice & music can all be added if required.

See details below for more information. Great for SEO

Promotional Animated & Whiteboard Videos

From £70 for a 45 sec video
(click to view larger/more examples)

  • Content to promote YOUR business.
  • Images of your choice
  • You decide number of slides (must fit into time-frame purchased).
  • Longer time-frames available.
  • Video, voice & music can all be added if required. (only music on £70 offer)

Not Getting Enough Customers? It’s a fact that websites with videos perform better than those with static content this is why videos are now considered valuable SEO tools.

A lot of people prefer to watch videos rather than read through masses of typed content. Videos are more interesting and fun. It’s like comparing the experience of actually watching a movie against hearing about it from someone else. Videos allow site visitors to actually see what you have to offer. Videos are more engaging compared to static content. They find videos easier to relate to. They like watching more than simply reading something.

The £70 package includes.

We will create a professional White board Animation Video to enhance your online marketing & communications.

  • Up to 100 words (script supplied by you).
  • Up to 10 complimentary STOCK images we can include your logo (supplied by you) if supplied as .pdf, .png, or jpg format of a high enough resolution.
  • Royalty free background music if required, chosen by us to work effectively with your video. (alternatively, you may provide licensed music of up to 2 minutes in length to incorporate).
  • Colours used for the background and text can be chosen by you to remain consistent with your brand. if you require a specific font for the main wording, please discuss before ordering.
  • Up to 3 revisions (feedback must be received by us within 24 hours of you receiving the draft file).

Please Note:The £70 offer includes stock images and can include a company logo (supplied by you). For longer videos, more words & bespoke illustrations please contact before ordering.

Other additions to the £70 special offer.

  • Up to 50 extra words (max 150 words in total) + £15
  • We can seamlessly sync YOUR voice over with the video +£35 (requires additional working day)

The final video is delivered to you in .mp4 format (other video formats are available please discuss).

Current delivery time for "final" approved version of the video is 5 working days. Longer video run times, more words or bespoke illustrations are available please contact us for a quote.

Note: We can create videos for your existing website

See example: 45 Second Video


Who Owns The Video?

Once you have approved the final draft video you will own 100% of the rights for the animation you are free to post the video where you want and as often as you want.

Who writes the script or content?

You write the script (after all its your business) and we turn the script into a video, however, we are on hand to help where needed.

Where can I post the video?

You can upload the video to any site you wish, you can even embed the video on your own website.

  This is just a small selection of the animation options available, if you require anything not listed above contact


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