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Promotional Animated Videos

From £49 for a 45sec video
(click image on left to view examples)

  • Content to promote YOUR business.
  • Images of your choice
  • You decide number of slides (must fit into time-frame purchased).
  • Longer time-frames available.
  • Video, voice & music can all be added if required. (only music on £49 offer)

It’s a fact that websites with videos perform better than those with static content this is why videos are now considered valuable SEO tools.

A lot of people prefer to watch videos rather than read through masses of typed content. Videos are more interesting and fun. It’s like comparing the experience of actually watching a movie against hearing about it from someone else. Videos allow site visitors to actually see what you have to offer. Videos are more engaging compared to static content. They find videos easier to relate to. They like watching more than simply reading something.

Note: We can create videos for your existing website

Example: 45 Second Video

Dynamic Images

Image Slider

£75 Development Cost

  • Eye-catching, dynamic slide show of images to promote products or services
  • Titles and Descriptions for detail and promotion
  • Add links to provide navigation
  • Range of styles and options
  • Displays fully on iOS, Apple iPhones and iPads

News and Social Media Feeds

News Feed

£75 Development Cost

  • Fully automatic feed to your website home page highlights news and social media activity.
  • Source can be from your own website news page or social media posts and Tweets
  • Can also use thrid party RSS news feeds
  • Styled to match your website branding


Events Calendar

Events Calendar

£100 Setup Cost & Website Integration

  • Displays a navigable calendar view of your events.
  • Colour coded by event types
  • Multi-day and repeating events facility
  • Fully detailed event descriptions with images and links.

Provide information on all your events though a calendar format styled to match your website and make it easy for customers to see what’s happening when. Use different categories to colour  code events to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. Information for the event is shown in a popup box with title, date, time, location and detail of the event. The detailed description can contain fully formatted marketing information with images and links.  Functionality for multiple day events and repeating events. Information is easily maintained by you through the control panel of your website.

Email Marketing

£150 Setup - no monthly charges*

  • Capture visitor contact details from your website.
  • Convert leads into business, send out promotions or newsletters.
  • Encourage repeat business from existing customers.
  • Target subscriber emails at specific groups.
  • Compliant with email marketing guidelines.

Maximise your websites ROI by converting leads into customers and increasing customer loyalty and repeat purchases from your current customer base. Our email marketing module allows you to encourage visitors to your site to "opt-in" to newsletters, promotional information and other updates. You can send out personalised bulk emails to all subscribers in a rich text and image format without the restriction of normal email packages and target specific groups of subscribers. Your email will match your existing website "look-and-feel" for a consistent brand image. The email system provides unsubscribe options so your recipients can manage their subscription and ensure you are compliant with email marketing best practice.

maximum 5,000 emails per month - ask about our Advanced Email Marketing Solution for unlimited capacity options and automation capabilities.

Website Content Management System

£100 Setup & Website Integration
£50 extra on annual renewal fee

  • Edit any of your content on the website.
  • Add new pages as required.
  • Reorganize page layouts.
  • Detailed user manual provided.
Most clients are happy to ask us to make any minor changes to their website as part of the maintenance and support charge however, some prefer a more hands-on approach, particularly when their update requirements are more regular or they have the expertise onsite.
We can setup a full content management system to allow you to edit your own content, add new pages and even change the layout of your pages.
A detailed user manual is provided and the initial training however, further 1-1 training is available if required at a small additional charge.
NOTE: Full Content Management is provided as standard with our eCommerce Package and includes all the additional features required to manage your online store..

  This is just a small selection of the bespoke options available, if you require anything not   listed above please contact me.

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